What we do

We work with government agencies, charities, housing associations and the DWP to equip individuals with the skills, experience and training they need to gain employment and lead a fuller life. We specialise in Digital Inclusion, Social Inclusion, Citizenship and Person-Centred Support. We also build relationships with employers to help them recruit, train and retain staff.

We are on a mission to combat digital exclusion. Some 11.9m people (22% of the population) do not have the digital skills needed for everyday life in the UK. We are members of the Good Things Foundation and we work with mature adults, disadvantaged adults and supported people to cross the digital divide.
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Fuller Lives - Person Centred Support

Workadvisor are framework providers for local authorities in the south of England supporting individuals to lead fuller lives by aiding them in attaining employment, basic services and community participation.
Developed for the DWPs Kickstart scheme this e-learning programme is designed to give unemployed and returners to work confidence in the workplace and in searching for a job. Our online programme is equally applicable for new starters in any organisation or for any age person looking to start work for the first time or returning to work.
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We offer distance learning and coaching solutions for employers and other organisations. We offer a wide range of courses for employers looking to improve the skills of their employees. The benefits to businesses are far-reaching and include maximising workforce efficiency, boosting business productivity, and creating a more committed and satisfied workforce.
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We offer a range of self paced online learning and seminar based courses for people wanting to get into work or enhance their careers. We operate across the UK with not for profit organisations and employers alike, utilising our own Learning Management System to facilitate online learning.
WorkAdvisor LMS
We are specialist recruiters in IT & Tech and mid/senior roles for SMEs, we have a unique contingent fee structure based on the length of time your new hire stays in your employment, we also do fixed fee recruiting for more junior roles.
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Asking employees for feedback is good business practice, we carry out anonymous and confidential staff engagement / satisfaction surveys for SME employers, we analyse and report and can track levels of engagement/satisfaction over time. Our surveys are bespoke to your business and start from as little as £495.
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Sector-based Work Academies (SWAPs) are great for employers and young people alike, employers can introduce new talent into their organisation with limited risk. We work with the DWP to design industry specific SWAP programmes.
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Approved gateway organisation for Kickstart scheme


Member of the Good Things Foundation


Approved trainers for business skills


We understand employee satisfaction


How can we help you?

Acquire talent, engage with your people, measure satisfaction and improve performance.

The WorkAdvisor proposition is unique, as well as acquiring talent for your business we measure levels of staff satisfaction and talk to you about where the challenges may lie and how to address them.