What we do

We work with SME employers to help them attract and retain talent through employee engagement tools and specialist recruiting. We are also a grant approved Kickstart Scheme Gateway organisation and a provider of accredited Level 2 vocational training to both employers and individuals looking to upskill.

We are specialist recruiters in IT & Tech and mid/senior roles for SMEs, we have a unique contingent fee structure based on the length of time your new hire stays in your employment, we also do fixed fee recruiting for more junior roles.
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We are an approved Kickstart scheme Gateway Organisation, find out more about the scheme and why WorkAdvisor is the partner of choice to ensure your application success and provide excellent support for you and your Kickstart placement.
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Developed for the DWPs Kickstart scheme this e-learning programme is designed to give unemployed and returners to work confidence in the workplace and in searching for a job. Our online programme is equally applicable for new starters in any organisation or for any age person looking to start work for the first time or returning to work.
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We offer distance learning and coaching solutions for employers and other organisations. We offer a wide range of courses for employers looking to improve the skills of their employees. The benefits to businesses are far-reaching and include maximising workforce efficiency, boosting business productivity, and creating a more committed and satisfied workforce.
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Asking employees for feedback is good business practice, we carry out anonymous and confidential staff engagement / satisfaction surveys for SME employers, we analyse and report and can track levels of engagement/satisfaction over time. Our surveys are bespoke to your business and start from as little as £495.
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Building your employer brand is not an overnight thing and will require focus and commitment but it need not be expensive. WorkAdvisor is an open source employee review site workadvisor.co.uk where companies tell their employer story and where employees place anonymous reviews, the site is independent, UK based and rigorously policed. We recognise good employers with the WorkAdvisor Rated Employer Award.
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How we work

Built around SMEs

We know what makes SMEs tick and we work in a way that SMEs seem to like.  You get deal to deal with the owners of the business and we bring a wealth of experience and a consultative approach to the recruitment and people engagement process. Our recruiting model is affordable and based on retention, words not often linked with traditional Agencies.

Ground Truths

Engaged people perform better, we encourage our clients to find out the “ground truths” in the business;  what Directors believe their people think about the business (and its Directors)  is highly unlikely to be what they actually think. Recognising the gap is the first step in addressing it.

Recruit Smarter

We get to know you, get to know your business and take the time to really understand the roles we work on. Our model is based on retention, the longer a new hire stays in your business the better, for you and us, we’re in it for the long term not the fast buck. We have range of solutions to suit the role;  no hire no fee,  fixed price search and advertising only.

Vocational training

We provide free to user vocational training for employers, individuals and organisations who are looking to upskill. Our most popular courses are digital skills for the workplace, customer service skills, domiciliary and residential care skills and health and wellbeing at work courses.

Approved gateway organisation for Kickstart scheme


Expert recruiters for the IT and tech sector


Approved trainers for business skills


We understand employee satisfaction


How can we help you?

Acquire talent, engage with your people, measure satisfaction and improve performance.

The WorkAdvisor proposition is unique, as well as acquiring talent for your business we measure levels of staff satisfaction and talk to you about where the challenges may lie and how to address them.