Employer Engagement and Employer branding

57% of job candidates avoid companies with negative reviews online

Building your employer brand is not an overnight thing and will require focus and commitment but it need not be expensive, we help employers engage with their people and build and protect their employer brand and reputation online. We do this through our open source employee review site where companies tell their employer story and where employees place anonymous reviews. The site is independent, UK based and rigorously policed. We recognise good employers with the WorkAdvisor Rated Employer Award.

Employer branding is how employers present themselves to potential employees and existing members of staff to ensure clarity and preference.

In order to attract the very best talent your employer brand has to have an identity that is true, credible, relevant and distinctive. WorkAdvisor can help Employers with their Employer branding.

Reviews on WorkAdvisor

Reviewing one’s employer is becoming increasingly common, research shows that 60% of candidates will look at employee reviews at some point during the recruitment process. Over 75% of reviews on WorkAdvisor are positive and champion the employer as a great place to work.

WorkAdvisor reviews are:

  • UK companies only
  • Genuine, we operate a sign up system from reviewers 
  • Assessed before posting, we read every review. If a review fails to meet our terms and conditions we simply don’t post it
  • Have a right to reply for the employer – this can be to thank a reviewer or comment on an issue
  • Metric driven – our reviews are based on quantitative measures and we can analyse any given employers performance and benchmark against a basket of business by type or size. 
  • 24/7 feedback from your people

Review questions

The work place reviews on WorkAdvisor are based on two principles: the essential needs of employees at work and the key things that will be reflected in an individual’s working performance and therefore their satisfaction and engagement with their employer. We simply ask how well these are being met in the workplace.

Analysis and benchmarking

Our dashboard analysis allows users to see at a glance how an employer is performing overall, against each question that we ask and in comparison with other employers. With over 500 UK employers listed on the site we are able to benchmark an employers performance against competitors or similar sized business.

Rated Employer

The WorkAvisor Rated Employer accreditation is awarded to employers that are listed on workadvisor.co.uk, have employee reviews posted within the last 12 months and which achieve a rating of 4 out of 5 or over.

The first step is to ask your team to review their workplace on WorkAdvisor. We ask 6 simple questions that will form the basis for your overall WorkAdvisor score.

Once you have completed your survey it is important to review the results to see what has gone well and what needs to be improved. Remember every company will have something to improve on so you should see this as an opportunity!

Once you have analysed your findings together with WorkAdvisor we will issue you with a workplace accreditation. The logo can be used on your careers page and other pieces of recruitment literature like job adverts etc. Remember we aim to harness the positivity in your business and help you promote it.

Our independent accreditation together with the positive review content will improve the calibre of candidates you receive and reduce your cost of hiring.

How can we help you?

Acquire talent, engage with your people, measure satisfaction and improve performance.

The WorkAdvisor proposition is unique, as well as acquiring talent for your business we measure levels of staff satisfaction and talk to you about where the challenges may lie and how to address them.