Accredited Level 2 Training, FREE to the learner

We provide accredited work-related training for employees over the age of 19, Employability Skills training for people entering or returning to the job market and outplacement services.

We have teamed up with NCFE, one of the UKs best providers of adult education and training courses and we offer a wide range of courses for employers looking to improve the skills of their employees. The benefits to businesses are far-reaching and include maximising workforce efficiency, boosting business productivity, and creating a more committed and satisfied workforce.

But it’s not just employers that can take advantage of this free training, anyone who meets the below criteria can sign up for one or more of our courses.

If you are looking for the DWP approved employability training courses, you can find those by clicking here.

We offer 46 FREE to user vocational courses, find out more about the courses offered here.

Popular courses include:

Digital Skills, Business Administration, Customer Service, Inclusion in the workplace, Health and Social Care, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Can I study for free?

Free places are available to anyone who meets the following criteria:
Currently living in England
Aged 19 or over from the 31 August 2020 (born before 01 September 2001)
A citizen of a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) and a resident in the EEA for the last 3 years
Not in receipt of any other government-funded training

WorkAdvisor Employability Skills training

Developed for the DWPs Kickstart scheme this e-learning programme is designed to give young people confidence in the workplace and in searching for a job, however it is equally applicable for new starters in any organisation or for any age person looking to start work for the first time or returning to work. We have a separate section of our website dedicated to DWP Kickstart Employability Skills training.


Our Five Steps to Work programme is the result of decades of experience helping job seekers fulfil their career ambitions. It equips job seekers with best-practice tools, techniques and resources for every stage of the job search process. Utilising a blended learning approach, the programme balances one-to-one career coaching with independent learning.


Delivered by qualified tutors this course is taught through interactive workbooks, videos and 1:1 coaching. The course can be delivered over  20 hours of work and can be completed at weekends or evenings if required. The course is accredited through NTCE and is CPD qualifying. The course can be delivered by one of our specialist tutors from just £300 per learner, or speak to us about materials-only provision from £50 per learner.

Five steps to work

from £300+VATper learner
  • 7-8 hours of independent learning
  • Delivered digitally, using a range of methods
  • 3 hours of one-to-one coaching, divided into 6x 30-minute sessions
    Delivered via video call
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Your Target
  • Your Career Visual
  • Interviewing with Confidence
  • Closing the Deal

The Five Steps to Work Programme

Who do you think you are?


To build the foundations of successful job search –a firm understanding of what you can offer employers and what gives you job satisfaction.

  • Introduction to the programme
  • Guided reflections on your motivators, values and skills

To produce a powerful, purposeful and concise pitch describing what you can offer and what you are looking for.

Your Target


To develop your understanding of how to target your job search, tailor your applications, and make the most of the resources available to you in your job search.

  • Targeting & tailoring applications
  • Maintaining a consistent brand image
  • Search methods & networking

To produce a speculative application letter for one of the target organisations you identified in this module.

Your Career Visual


To gain a thorough understanding of the key components of a compelling CV, as well as how to approach the task of creating your new CV.

  • Tailoring your CV
  • What to include in your CV
  • What makes a CV stand out
  • Biographical vs. Skills-based CVs

To create 2 new CVs: a ‘core’ CV to adapt to each application; and a tailored CV to sit alongside your speculative application letter .

Interviewing with Confidence


To build your confidence and competence in interviews: how to prepare for them, what to expect, and how to anticipate questions and excel in your responses.

  • Different types of interviews and how to prepare for each
  • Biographical vs. Competency-based interviews
  • The STAR technique

To develop 3 compelling, structured responses to common competency-based questions in a way that highlights and contextualises your key skills.

Closing the Deal


To cultivate the post-interview habits and practices that help you turn your interviews into job offers; how to keep structure and momentum in your job search.

  • What to do after each and every interview
  • Turn setbacks into positive steps forward
  • Evaluating your offer
  • Your job search: keeping structure & resolve

To complete the ‘Job Search Action Plan’ template provided, so you can keep structure, discipline and momentum in your job search going.


Acquire talent, engage with your people, measure satisfaction and improve performance.

The WorkAdvisor proposition is unique, as well as acquiring talent for your business we measure levels of staff satisfaction and talk to you about where the challenges may lie and how to address them.